Forest Evasion is our annual competition with the aim of meeting and interacting with other like-minded clubs. 2020 will be the 8th year the competition has run. This page is designed to give an overview of what to expect from Evasion, full rules will be sent to participants ahead of the competition.

The Competition

Evasion is a cat and mouse style competition designed to appeal to outdoor societies, Scout Networks and SSAGO clubs with teams of ‘Evaders’ (4-7 people) or ‘Catchers’ (working in pairs or as a team). The Evaders’ task is to navigate between a number of given checkpoints while the Catchers attempt to find them. Each time a catching team catches an evading team they gain points and the Evaders lose a life. Ultimately the teams with the most lives or the most points after 24 hours are the winners.


This year we’re really excited to be returning to the New Forest, a beautiful location which presents a great competition area. The first 2 Forest Evasion’s ever were hoseted in the New Forest so we’re ready to see its return

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