Forest Evasion is an annual cat-and-mouse style competition for outdoor societies, Scout Networks and SSAGO clubs. Teams of 4-7 evaders walk between a series of checkpoints while attempting to outwit catchers (in pairs or teams) trying to track them down and catch them!

The Competition

The Evaders’ task is to navigate on foot between a number of given checkpoints while the Catchers attempt to find them, using any mode of transport available to them. Each time a catching team catches an evading team they gain points and the Evaders lose a life. Ultimately the teams with the most lives or the most points at the end of the event are the winners. The route for evaders is usually around 20 km each day, but this could be longer or shorter depending how far you go out of your way to avoid being caught!


The 2020 competition will be held on the 18th and 19th of April. You are welcome to stay the night on the Friday, however the competition does not start until 10:30 on Saturday, finishing at 14:30 on Sunday.


The 2020 competition will be hosted on Exmoor, a beautiful location which presents a great competition area. We will be staying at a Scout campsite near Porlock.

2019 Forest Evasion participants
2019 Forest Evasion participants, pictured at the end of the event in the New Forest

How Much?

Forest Evasion 2020 will cost £10 per participant, to cover campsite costs and entry into the event. Please pay after signing up!

Sign me up!

Sign-up is now open for the 2020 competition! To signup and confirm your place, please fill in the form here. Please send payment as indicated on the form to confirm your place!

This year each team will need an android phone (this will replace the laminated checkpoint cards). If this is a problem will will try to help work something out!