Forest Evasion 2019

The New Forest

3rd - 5th May

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What is Forest Evasion?

Forest Evasion is our annual competition with the aim of meeting and interacting with other like-minded clubs. 2019 will be the 7th year the competition has run. This page is designed to give an overview of what to expect from Evasion, full rules will be sent to participants ahead of the competition.

The Competition

Evasion is a cat and mouse style competition designed to appeal to outdoor societies, Scout Networks and SSAGO clubs with teams of 'Evaders' (4-7 people) or 'Catchers' (working in pairs or as a team). The Evaders' task is to navigate between a number of given checkpoints while the Catchers attempt to find them. Each time a catching team catches an evading team they gain points and the Evaders lose a life. Ultimately the teams with the most lives or the most points after 24 hours are the winners.

When is it?

In 2019 the competition will take place on the weekend of 3rd - 5th May, with the actual competition taking place on the Saturday - Sunday


This year we're really excited to be returning to the New Forest, a beautiful location which presents a great competition area. The first 2 Forest Evasion's ever were hoseted in the New Forest so we're ready to see its return

How much does it cost?

The cost for this years competition will be £11 per person which includes overnight camping (On Friday and Saturday) at Wilverly Campsite and a badge. It also covers hiring the forest. We have tried to reduce costs as much as we can and we do not aim to make any profit from the event.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for 2019 is now open. Simply fill out the form online or download and email it back to and you'll be ready to go. Sign up closes on 23rd April 2019.

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What previous competitors thought

Sign Up Form

Sign up is now live!!! Simply fill it in online or download and fill out the form below and send to by the 23rd April 2019

Rules and Kit List

  • Teams of Evaders consist of 4-7 people
  • Competitiors must be over 18 years old and part of a registered organisation such as University, Scouts or Guides
  • Evaders will navigate between given checkpoints. Catchers aim to 'catch' (tag) evading teams. Evaders lose one life if caught. The evading team that completes the course with least lives lost will win the evaders trophy. After a team is caught they will have 15 minutes free time from any catching team and 30 mins from the same catching team.
  • There may be optional checkpoints along the route that allow you to gain extra lives. If attempting to get one of these checkpoints, teams must remember to get to the next compulsory checkpoint before it closes.
  • Teams cannot be caught within 500m of a manned checkpoint and 200m of an unmanned checkpoint whilst that checkpoint is open. If an evading team does not reach a manned checkpoint before it closes, they must phone the organiser with a 6 digit grid reference.
  • Team members must be within line of sight of one another and must be no further than 200m away from each other.
  • All entrants must read the H&S briefing.
  • You are responsible for your own safety and that of your team.
  • All clothing, including shoes, should be suited to cover a long distance.
  • *Map (O/S OL22) - 1 per team
  • *First aid kit - 1 per team
  • *Waterproof coat and trousers
  • *Hiking boots
  • Gaiters
  • Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Base layers
  • Insulation
  • Socks
  • Spare socks
  • Hat, gloves, scarf, suncream etc.
  • Food (you may buy additional food whilst competing, but we cannot guarantee where will be open, especially on Sunday)
  • Plate and cutlery
  • Torch
  • Compass
  • Tent (Will be left at the campsite)
  • Sleeping equipment
  • Wash bag
  • Toilet paper
  • * We strongly advise you have at least these items to successfully take part.
Time Activity
Friday Evening (from 19:00) People Arrive / Set up tents
Saturday Morning (12:00) Evasion starts from car park approx. 30mins from campsite.
Saturday Evening (20:00) Dinner and campfire
Early Sunday Morning Teams leave site early hoping to evade capture and arrive at the first checkpoint
Sunday 12:00 Competition ends, prizes awarded, people go home exausted but happy!

Previous Winners

The competition first ran in 2013, the winners to date are as follows:


2019 - Could it be you?

2018 - Ramsoc

2017 - CUHWC Duffers

2016 - Southampton City Network (Tom Candy, Peter Ogilvie, Arshad Emmambux )

2015 - Cambridge University Hillwalking Club (Philip Withnall, Vicky Ward, Joe Hobbs, Chris Arran, Tom Leach)

2014 - Bath University Mountaineering Club (David Clare, Jon Ridley, Strachan McCormick, Martin MacDonald)

2013 - Southampton's Duke of Edinburgh Society (Rachel Manson, Charlotte Callaway, Alex Manning, Georgia Howes)

2017 Photos

We took loads of photos at Evasion 2017 take a look at them here to get an idea of what's in store.

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2016 Video

Forest Evasion 2016 - 2019